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Gate Operator Repairs or Replacement

Is the Operator Repairable?

Determining if a gate opener can be repaired or needs replaced is critical.  It's easier and more expensive to replace an operator, so many techs unethically push for replacing the unit when it's actually it’s a good unit in need of a simple repair.  The expert techs at CES can repair almost any of the major operator brands such as Liftmaster, PowerMaster, Chamberlain, Elite, Eagle, Etc. We would much rather help you save money by repairing your existing operator, but it’s unrepairable we’ll tell you why, and recommend a replacement with today’s latest technology..

Operator Repair or Replace?

Most of the time we can repair an operator that’s broke, however if it’s beyond it’s service life and we feel it’s likely too old to last a few more years, we’ll let you know.  Sometimes operators do need replaced, however most of the time we can repair and sometimes refurbish your operator to last for years to come.

Replacement operator selection?

If an operator needs to be replaced it’s important to replace it with a new unit with the right duty cycle for your particular business.  CES has years of experience selecting the correct manufacturer and model for hundreds of gate types, sizes and style.  Whether it’s a swing, rolling, cantilever or barrier gate, CES knows what to recommend for each situation. They know the brands to stay away from as well as which to endorse for a long operational life.   This is where using the experience of CES pays off, they have the knowledge to recommend the appropriate operator.

Need it Fixed Now?

CES carries an in depth inventory of parts and materials on each truck.  This inventory is kept to minimize the number of trips to repair gate operators, and keep the cost down.  If you need your gate operator fixed quick, count on CES to minimize the impact on your business downtime.  If you need help in the middle of the night, CES offers 24/7 support for emergency situations.  Give CES a call.

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