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Explosion Proof  Wiring and Lighting

  Explosion proof lighting and electrical wiring technology is needed in areas where the atmosphere contains, or potentially contain, flammable or explosive gases, dusts, or fibers. In this type of area, fire or explosion could occur when all three basic conditions below are fulfilled:

  • Flammable gas, vapor, dust or fibers are present.
  • The combustible material is mixed with air in the proportions required to produce a flammable mixture
  • A source of ignition ignites the mixture. The source could be any part of a system that could release sufficient energy to cause ignition. A spark or hot surface are often the causes of explosions.

CES can provide electrical installation expertise to prevent ignition sources in these hazardous types of environment where combustible scenarios may appear.

Explosion proof hazard levels

There are multiple degrees of explosion proof hazards:
Zone 0: explosive gas-air mixture continuously present, or present for long periods.
Zone 0/1 or Class I, Division 1: hazardous concentrations of flammable gases or vapors continuously, intermittently or periodically present under normal operating conditions.
Zone 1: explosive gas-air mixture is likely to occur in normal operation.
Zone 2: explosive gas-air mixture not likely to occur and, if it occurs, it will exist only a short time.
Zone 2 or Class I, Division 2: volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases present, but normally confined within closed containers or systems, from which they can escape only under abnormal operating or fault conditions.

Commercial Electrical Systems has extensive experience working on control systems and electrical installations for hazardous equipment installations.  Call us early to discuss your project, we can help plan the equipment installation so code compliance is easy to implement.  For explosion proof installations pre-planning a job is critical to insure locations and equipment orientation comply with code regulations.

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Call CESI for explosion proof electrical installations, repair or service.  Explosion proof installation references available upon request.

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