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Door Operators

Door Repair or Replacement

Door Operator repairs are a core competency of CES.  We have invested heavily in tech training and parts inventory to help businesses quickly get their door openers back in working order, or replace with a new and more capable system.  Not only can we repair openers, we can also diagnois and repair any electrical problems that may contribute to the problem.

Door Operator New Installations

General contractor have been using CES for years to install new door operators at new job sites.  That’s because of our experience and reputation to always get the job done right and get it done fast.  CES stands behind it’s work with operational warranties depending on the brand of operator requested.  One of the key reasons CES makes sense for new installation is because we are a licenses electrical contractor. We can lay the power lines to the operator location ourselves.  Other installers have to call a licensed electrical contractor (often it’s us) which can cost more and waste time.

Door Operator Access Control

CES is the expert in Access Control.  Whether your security access controller needs repaired or replaced, we can help.  CES works on all brands of controllers and many time can repair a faulty system with one trip. 

Door Operator Maintenance Contracts

The best way to prevent your door operator from failing is to have a period maintenance contract in place so CES can tune it up on a regular basis.   Face it, these systems can get dirty and will wear out if not properly maintained.  To fix problems, call CES, but to prevent problems call CES for a maintenance contract.

Commercial Door Installation

If you have a new door problem instead of the opener problem, we can fix that too.  Our door division, Commercial Door Company has over 50yr experience repairing and installing commercial doors for businesses all over Souther California.  We can coordinate door repairs in addition to the operator repairs to minimize the hassle and headaches of a door opener problem.

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