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Door Operator Access Control

Access control can be as simple as a pushbutton for handicapped users, or it can be a secure keypad, card swipe, fingerprint or iris scan system.  Whatever you need to trigger the opening and closing of the door Commercial Electric can help to install or repair the system you need.  Below are the most common types of access control methods.

Keypad Access Control

Keypad access is for secure entry. The systems are very common for business entry to keep unauthorized people out.  These are one of the more secure methods to limit access, however you typically need a CCD camera to log who's entering the premises.

Card Swipe Access Control

Card swipe controls access to authorized personnel, however it can also log who enters and when.  These systems are commonly used in banks, hotels, or other areas that need to control access. They are especially convenient for temporary access to areas where remembering a keypad code isn't convenient or reliable.

Push Button Access

Push button access is installed to simply trigger a door to open for anyone to gain access to an area.  These use commonly used in hospital and convention centers business locations.  Many city and county codes required automatic door access for the handicapped.

Outdoor Access Keypad
Outdoor Access Control Keypad
Card Swipe Access
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